Girl Unscripted

About the Film


About The Docuseries

Girl Unscripted is a feature-length docuseries that follows 5 girls across the United States for one calendar school year, filming their daily lives and struggles in a raw, real, and vulnerable way. The girls will document themselves: their lives, hopes, fears, growth, and development over this pivotal time in high school.

We will provide each girl with a camera to grasp true, unfiltered footage. Along with female industry experts, we will discuss what influences drive the current state of a teenage girl’s personal experience in the 21st century.

Girl Unscripted depicts the reality of the difficulties of growing up in today’s society. Even though girls have their differences, such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and/or sexual orientation, they all experience a lot of the same issues. Instead of breaking each other down and having judgement towards one another, girls should be there for each other. Girl Unscripted will help to break these stigmas and barriers. Even though we may seem worlds apart, young women have more of the same problems between one another than not.

Not only does this docuseries show a raw, powerful image of the real life of an American teenage girl, but it also gives the girls starring in it the supplies and support they need to make a positive impact in the film industry. We hope to inspire other girls around the globe to take initiative, no matter what.

As the next generation of powerful women in the world, we need to stop being one another’s enemies. In order to succeed in society and make a difference, young women need to help each other grow. Because, in the end, girls are more alike than different.