Girl Unscripted



what we are looking for

Girl Unscripted is looking for a group of girls in 9th-12th grade who want to participate in a documentary by showing their daily lives and hopes through a series of self-documentation. In this complex world we are in today, school pressure, family life, mental health, social media, body image, confidence, and self-esteem all drive our decisions, which can cause us to be held back from things we truly love to do. We should be leaping high, loud & proud, regardless of how it makes our image look. 

We are looking for a diverse group of girls who will be honest, forward and vulnerable.


You must be a high school student entering 9th-12th grade for the school year 2017-18.

You must identify as a girl in the 50 continuous Untied States.

You must have access to, or currently own a personal computer and cellphone for communication with the director and producers. 

A Parent or Legal Guardian if Participant is under 18 will need to give legal consent, as well as, personal consent if over the age of 18.

Personal Release Forms will be required before the time of filming. 

How filming works

You will be filming YOU.

In the process of one calendar school year, we will supply the cast with Black Magic INSERT BUTTON professional cameras/lighting, a hard drive, and accessories necessary to film. 

We will be requesting footage to be sent to us, prepaid, on a monthly basis. 

Please note that participating in filming does not guarantee that your footage will be used in the final cut.

how to submit an application

We will supply you with professional cameras to create your footage, and we take final discretion on how we use your footage for the feature length documentary.

We would like you to submit a short video, as well as information about yourself using the link below. Some questions that you can answer or address are provided on the application page.

Submission Deadline: July 15th, 2017

Please note that applying to appear in the film does not guarantee you a spot. 

We will contact you for the next steps, if selected, by July 31st, 2017.

If selected for the next step

We will be selecting girls to visit us in San Diego, CA in the summer of 2017, for the final selection process. We will choose girl that we feel will fit the film ETC ETC best. 

Please note that being chosen to visit us in San Diego does not mean you have made the final cut.


Please contact us with any questions relating to the film and/or casting at