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The Director


My name is Ava De Longe. I am 14 years old, currently in high school, and I am the director and creator of Girl Unscripted.

At a very young age, I was writing, directing, and editing my own films. I’ve always been passionate about filmmaking, and have dedicated the majority of my free time to my creative endeavors. From producing television shows when I was 6 years old about my dogs, Greyboy & Chloe, to directing psychological horror films with my friends, I’ve always been open to expanding my personal style. As I’ve gotten older and refined my skills, I’ve wanted to use my creative passions to make a positive change in society, and one of the best ways that I know how is through cinema.

I was raised in an environment where I was greatly encouraged to be as creative as possible. Not only have I been infatuated with film my whole life, but I also love to write. When I am invested in something, I dedicate all of my time and energy to it. I am a self-taught makeup-artist, DJ, and songwriter in addition to being a filmmaker and writer. While I am immensely right-brained, I am also highly enthusiastic about mathematics and science, and am a lover of medicine and psychology. I am also extremely dedicated to feminism, women’s rights, the LGBTQ+ community, and animal rights, and I stand up for what I believe in.

I’ve been incredibly grateful to have countless experiences of traveling the globe from an exceptionally young age. My father is an accomplished musician, author, and film director, and due to the nature of his career I have been able to travel to many magnificent places. I have had the priceless ability to not only broaden my perspective as a filmmaker and an individual, but also to develop my identity at a young age.

With Girl Unscripted, I want to truly show what it is like to grow up as a teenage girl in today’s society. I, personally, along with many other girls, have faced the hardships and struggles of school & social pressure, body image, social media, family life, and mental health. And while we, as girls, all struggle with the same issues- we push each other away.

We don’t support each other nearly as much as we truly need. With this film, I want to show girls all over the world that they are truly not alone. We need to overcome negative stigmas. We should be able to be vulnerable and open with other girls, so that we can help one another through these difficult times. So often this does not happen, due to fear of damaging our image or otherwise. Growing up in today’s society is hard enough as it is. Instead of breaking other girls down and judging one another, we need to embrace each other.

I want to show girls, like myself, that we can be authentic with one another.

- Ava De Longe